Young Warrior’s Program

Martial Arts for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

Young Warrior’s Program: Self Defense & MMA


Martial Arts for KidsMartial arts builds confidence, self-esteem, positive self-image and self defense! Improve every area of life while learning realistic martial arts.

Focus & confidence are essential for success in life. As martial art masters and life coaches, our martial arts for kids program brings self-esteem, confidence, focus and physical development to your child and empowers your child to be the best they can be!


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As mentors and parents, the task falls upon us to fill a need for personal development training. In addressing personal development at the young ages of childhood and young adulthood, Greubel’s Superior Academy is here to help ensure that our students make the right decisions, and that those decisions include focus, discipline, respect, positivity and hard work.

Kids & Teens Self Defense Program:

Greubel’s Superior Academy offers the best in martial arts for kids, focusing on self-defense and personal safety. Our program has a strong focus on personal and physical development as well.

Ages 6-8 & 9-13

  • Experience an Increase in Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Experience an Increase in Motor Skills
  • Learn to Avoid Peer Pressure!
  • Learn to Defend Him/Herself!
  • Learn How to Handle Bullies!
  • Learn-Life Skills That Will Last Him/Her a Lifetime, and Much, Much, More

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  • Free Private Lesson & consultation: An introductory course for any program
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  • Free Personal-Safety Tips to help you to mastery on your martial arts journey
  • Free Private Lesson that can rocket your training to a new level!

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